“It was four score and seven years ago, well seven years ago, that I came to Preference and met with a consultant. There were options to be explored and here we are. I’ve been with the same company now for seven years and things couldn’t have worked out better.”


“I love Preference! Their staff is so friendly and professional. They have tons of connections and they definitely helped me find the right fit! Highly recommend checking them out if you are searching for employment!”


“Very professional they value the people they help. I’ve been with preference for 10+ years off and on and the thing that gets me the most is that I never worked with everyone, but everyone makes sure they know your name coming In announced or unannounced. That may not move you like it does to […]


“Set up a time to sit down with Jordan he took time to get to know me and what I was looking for. We had a great conversation, and he had a few different options for me, found a company that really jived with my values as a person and could give me what I […]


“I had a great experience with Preference! What sets them apart from other staffing agencies in that they took the time and staff resources to truly get to know me. It’s a very personalized process, and I am thrilled with the results.”


“Love these guys. Loyal, hardworking, and they have one thing that separates them from their competition. That thing is…they actually care.”