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So, You Wanna Quit Your Day Job?

don't quit your day job - clock
Before you make the leap, here are some things we encourage you to think about:
1. Determine if you are running away from something – or towards something. Be honest with yourself about this. Make a pro/con list. Journal. Phone a friend. A word of advice, don’t let one bad relationship run you out of a job you enjoy. That person isn’t worth controlling that much of your life and there are self-help books to help you with relationships.
2. Evaluate yourself. What are your strengths, interests, vision for yourself, personal brand, values. The only way to align yourself with your next career is take a look at who you are first. 
3. Sing...“Should I stay or should I go now?” to yourself. Based on what you find out through the first steps, it’s time to decide if you should stay at your current employment and get re-engaged, or go now. 
4. Remember, it’s not always what you know…it’s who you know. How can you connect with the right events, people, organizations and situations that will get you in the right place at the right time? Use all the resources available, including our team at Preference! 
5. Update your social media everything. Your photos, your brand, your connections. Consider it all. 
6. Be prepared to wait. Wait for the right opportunity. Know this will be hard. Know it will hurt your brain, heart and ego. Better yet, keep your ego out of it. Be smart and be real. 
7. Beware the counter-offer. If you decide to leave, when you announce you are leaving, don’t be surprised by the counter-offer. It could happen. They will flash dollar bills in your face. They will promise a better life. They might make you forget your reason for leaving in the first place. Be thankful you did step 1 first – because you need to go back to that list for strength and a gentle reminder of why you started this process in the first place. 
8. No matter what, remember that you have skills that deserve to be valued. Honor yourself and what you can bring to the table and remember to keep your ego out of it.  Also, remember to call us, we’d love to help.