Preference Personnel

Everything I Need to Know I Learned at Preference

Preference Employment Solutions celebrates 30 years of business this month! In honor of this anniversary we bring to you the following list of lessons learned.
Top 30
30. When she says “luigi” board, she actually means “ouiji” board. – Brittneyism #3, 496
29. Bad news is better served with a side of donuts.
28. “Shut up” buttons are crucial at employee meetings.
27. Being able to use the “shut up” button without hurting anyone’s feelings….priceless. 
26. If you drink the last drip of the coffee, make a new pot - or start a small office fire.
25. Parking spots were reserved 30 years ago….sorry newbie! 
24. Read books, lots of books.  Tell everyone else to read the book.  
23. Embrace Dale Carnegie principles…forget ‘em…then embrace them again!
22. Coconut oil does NOT cure everything. 
21. Serve the community you live in and it will serve you back.
20. Bring poo-pourri with you to the bathroom.
19. Our work is truly life-changing for the people we serve.
18. Nerf guns CAN actually hurt.
17. Making mistakes is better than faking perfections! 
16. Immediately after reviewing your storm emergency plan, stand outside in the eye of a tornado!
15. Embrace each other’s differences, because we are certainly different. 
14. People will forget what you said or did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.
13. Save some food for Tyler.
12. If laughter really is the best medicine, we are healthy as a horse. 
11. Keep a journal of memories, because as the years pass you just won’t believe the things we once heard, said or did. 
10. You can never have enough yellow notepads (but seriously, who chose yellow?!) 
9.  Do not twist your pen so it makes a squeaky sound during meetings.
8.  Everyone loves blue raspberry tootsie frooties!
7. People will surprise you….be ready for it!
6. Keep the fridge fully stocked with mello yello and 5:01 necessities!  
5. Employee ownership means we cheer for each other.
4. Dressing alike by accident is more common than you would think.
3. Our small office has 4 food groups: Never Microwave/Doesn’t Go Down Drain/Expired But Someone Will Still Eat It/Fridge Experiments
2. Sometimes an office prank can turn into a double prank, which will make it a classic prank!
1. Our team’s two most valued things….working on a foundation of trust and breakfast pizza. 
Thank you for 30 amazing years – Cheers to the next 30!