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A Team Member's Professional Development Opportunity To Be Proud Of

United Way’s 35 Under 35 is an incredible program offered to women in our community as a way to help connect young dynamic women to local leaders, inspire women to grow in their professional lives and make an impact on our community. 
We are so excited for our team member, Kendra Goette, who was selected to be a part of this program in 2018. As she gets ready to start the program, I sat down with her to learn more about her hopes and goals of what she will experience with United Way's 35 Under 35 program. 
ME: Kendra, how was the 35 Under 35 interview process? 
KENDRA:  Step one was to submit an application. It took me 10 hours to prepare!  I found out that they had 180 applicants for the 2018 program; I felt so excited and honored to be selected for an interview!  When I arrived for the interview, I waited the lobby with so many professional women. The selection process really felt intense, but once we began the 20 minute interview they made me feel so comfortable. I was surprised by some of the questions – they were truly “interview” questions that revealed my character. 
ME: What are you most looking forward to with this program? 
KENDRA:  Connecting with 34 other professionals with the same interests and goals! I am excited to share best practices with these women and learn how to dive deeper into my role as a leader on my team and in my community.  I am also looking forward to learning from all the professionals they bring in to speak to our group. 
ME: How do you hope it will impact you as a leader in our community? 
KENDRA: I am currently involved in several committees and organizations that I am truly passionate about. To know that this program will help me maximize my abilities and the impact I could have for these organizations that are already so important to me is really exciting! 
ME: What do you predict the value will be to the people you serve at PES? 
KENDRA: It has already made an impact! During the interview process, I was nervous! My job is to interview people all day long and I forgot what it feels like to have the table turned. It was good for me to remember what it feels like to be the interviewee.  I also believe in continuing to develop myself as a professional. I have a lot of knowledge to share and it is important to me that I position myself in a way to be a trusted and valued resource for everyone I serve at Preference. 
Kendra  35 Under 35 United Way Fargo
Thanks Kendra! We wish you all the best as you experience all that the 35 Under 35 program has to offer and we are excited to follow your progress and catch back up with you at the completion of this program!