Preference Personnel

Reflecting on the Past Year, Inviting in the Future

Before writing this blog, I tried to find great statistics around “why” it is important for companies to reflect on the work they have accomplished before quickly moving on to get more work done. I looked at all the books we have on our shelves, I googled many different phrases, and I came up empty.  (It got me thinking; where are all the theories and benefits around company performance reviews?) So regarding this topic…you will just have to trust me. Besides, 80% of statistics are made up anyway. 
Our WHY…
This year at Preference, we chose to reflect on all we had achieved in 2017. It was a huge year for us! We plan on 2018 to be even bigger.  But before we move on and ask more from our team, we decided we needed a good ‘ol celebration of where we have been. Our why….engagement, recognition, cheer each other on and remember the small things we may have forgotten in the middle of all the big things we achieved. 
Step 1: We did a post-it-note brainstorm. Everyone had a stack of post-its in front of them.  The goal…write down as many things we could think of that we accomplished in 2017 and stick the post-it on the wall. 
Step 2: We hung up our core values and then we all took turns taking post-its off the wall and hanging it under the core value it aligned with. Everyone participated and got out of their seats! 
Step 3: Read and reflect on what we all considered an accomplishment. 
 Team Immersion Activity Activity
“As a new employee, it was great to see everything we did in 2017!” 
“I would have forgotten a lot of that stuff!” 
“Sometimes, in this industry, it is easy to be critical of ourselves – this was a great way to visually see all the positive things we have done.” 
“I loved that we got up out of our seats and everyone participated. We could have just talked around the table but that would not have made as big of an impact.”
“It was great to see how we work within our company’s core values.” 
We really wanted this to be a positive experience, so this particular exercise only took us through the cheers! We would be foolish to not also take this opportunity to learn from what we did or didn’t do in 2017 and set goals on how to be even better in 2018. Our next meeting will include an activity we found online from Michele M. Martin called an advice wall. Here it is if you’d like to try it in your organization…
Make an Advice Wall
One fun way to engage your office-mates in reflecting on the previous year would be to create an Advice Wall. Do this on a white board or with Post-Its and invite colleagues to share their best end-of-year advice--what do you want to remember from this previous year to take with you into the next year? What advice do you want to give your future selves?
As we wrap up 2017 and prepare for 2018, we wish all of the people we serve in our community a wonderful new year full of reasons to cheer!