Preference Personnel

We know people who are stuck…

We know people who are stuck…

Stuck hanging on to a job that just doesn’t align well with their….

                                                                                                                           Core values


                                                                                                                            Professional goals


They are disengaged at work, unhappy at home and work-productivity and relationships are suffering. 

They are convinced that it would be worthless to look for a new opportunity because that would mean…

                                                                                                                            Starting over

                                                                                                                            Pay cuts

                                                                                                                            Less flexibility 

                                                                                                                            Fear of the unknown 

They have convinced themselves of the biggest lie we know…

that they are not worthy of anything better.


Our consultant Bianca is extremely passionate about helping people who are stuck.  She realizes that when people walk through our door – it is because they are not happy with their current situation and they are turning to her for…


New Opportunities 

Someone to say…YES, you are worthy of so much more 

Bianca also realizes how paralyzed with the fear of the unknown people become when it comes to a career transition. They are unsure of what they are qualified to do, they are scared sick of telling their boss they are quitting and the idea of starting over is petrifying. Her advice is this, “Just come in a visit with us. We are here to be a sounding board and together discover possible opportunities. Sometimes our solution is simply that you might need to take a vacation. It doesn’t have to be a permanent change to be life changing. The first step is usually the hardest, but the rest of the process is easy.” 

Connect with one of our consultants today and take that first step – you are totally worth it!