Preference Personnel

Getting Real with the Newbie! 8 things that surprised our newest teammate – Jocelyn

Jocelyn joined our team just a few short months ago and she has made herself at home here! We are so lucky she picked us above her other opportunities. When we sat down to ask her how things are going, she said she was surprised by how different we are in comparison to her past employment experiences. 
Here is what she was surprised by….
1. It is our process to meet everyone face to face. Usually when people submit a resume for jobs, they either get a phone call, or no response at all. Here, we honor our cultural integrity and process by personally meeting everyone who submits a resume, calls or walks in. 
2. Our interviews are conversational. We are not asking hard questions that apply only to one job, we are instead having genuine conversations that allow us to really get to know our candidates and understand multiple positions that could be a fit. 
3. We work as a team. Our candidates often meet more than one consultant, walk away with more than one business card and feel confident that we are sharing their information with our team, so we can make the best decisions on employment opportunities for that person. 
4. We all have a voice as employee owners. When we gather around a table for our team meetings, everyone can speak, voice our opinions and we listen and respect everyone’s input. 
5. We see in all colors of gray. We work with people and recognize not everything can be black and white. We are very situational and go with the flow to serve our people uniquely. 
6. We are empowered to make our own decisions. Of course, we have a leader that can guide us when necessary, but we are encouraged to do our best to work through it on our own first. 
7. We turn problems into opportunities. For example, when our people need: helmets, steel-toe boots, transportation to work, etc. we try to find a way to get them those resources. 
8. There is a job for everyone. Everyone who walks through our doors also comes in with a unique set of skills, desires, availabilities, abilities and it is up to us to think creatively about opportunities we can present. 
At Preference Employment Solutions, we couldn’t be more excited about our decision to hire Jocelyn – because she is so amazing! But we are also excited that in her short time here, she has witnessed our core values in action! It is no surprise to us that you are a perfect addition to our team!