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What Am I Doing About It?

Are you happy?  If so, great!  If not, what are you doing about it?

There are many things within our control to create happiness. One way is by making efforts to reach your potential.  That natural “feel good” that results from taking on a challenge and stretching yourself is a high you can’t buy.  Want a hit of dopamine?  Serotonin?  Identifying something you want, building a plan, and acting on your plan can result in a memorable and satisfying sense of accomplishment.

Our level of happiness is influenced by many things including our mindset, thoughts, and our day-to-day environment.  A few examples are:

  • Where you live.
  • People you associate with including friends, neighbors, roommates, and family members.
  • Your job.


Oh, yes, how about that job?  Over the years working at Preference, a recruiting and staffing agency local to the Fargo region, I’ve noticed a correlation between people’s job and their level of happiness in life.  This of course, is a complex topic.  Notable consistent observations include:

  • The nature of the work you are doing. Do you enjoy it?  Is it interesting to you?
  • Do your innate strengths align with your role?
  • The company’s mission. Do you share passion for your employer’s cause?  Do they have a cause? While we’re at it, does your employer have values?  Do they live them?  Do you share those values?
  • Whether intentional with it or not, every company has a culture. Do you fit in?  How “healthy” is the culture where you work?
  • Last, but not least, the people. Do you get along with your coworkers?  OK, you don’t need to love each other and give hugs every day, but do you reasonably enjoy working together and respect each other?


Have you met someone unhappy with a life circumstance but doesn’t do anything about it?  I’ve met several.  Perhaps you have too?  Maybe you are one of those people?  I once was.  Adversity is part of life.  When approached in the right way, it makes us stronger.  Wanting a different life requires taking personal responsibility for making changes.

I hear many people older than me say, “life goes too fast.”  Most people agree they spend a good portion of their life making a living.  What can you do to gain personal satisfaction making a living?  Being intentional with your life is empowering and will help you reach our potential. More dopamine or serotonin anyone?

So once again, are you happy?  Is your job contributing to your level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction? If you’re living your dream job, great!  Appreciate what you have!  If you are miserable, only you can do something about it!  Perhaps your solution is to take a fresh perspective at your current job and apply yourself more and differently?  Maybe your answer is to replace your job with one where you can stretch yourself to reach your potential and increased satisfaction?  The great news is we are all responsible for our mindset, choices, and actions!

Are you happy?  How’s your job going?  What are you doing about it?