The Preference Employment Solutions Story

A long history of excellence.

We’re Proud Of Our History

Preference Employment Solutions has been servicing the Fargo / Moorhead area since 1987. We are committed to supporting our community through our work and core values. We understand the unique needs of Fargo / Moorhead area businesses and have nurtured relationships that have allowed us to become the premier employment service in this area. We select people to join our team that have demonstrated excellence through their skills, character, and background. Our collective team has more than 100 years of experience in the employment industry. We are experts in sourcing candidates in our marketplace and are committed to achieving excellence in the services we provide to our clients and job seekers.

Our company was created with a “team concept” in mind – where the employees work with each other instead of competing individually. We are proud to employ an internal team that works together in the true sense of the phrase and is committed to this concept. In 2008, Preference Employment Solutions became an employee-owned organization enabling all eligible employees to share in the company’s ownership. Today, 100% of Preference Employment Solutions stock is owned by the employees. We are proud to be employee-owned and are committed to the team, culture, and success of this organization. Our passion for employee ownership begins with empowerment and responsibility and ends in shared success and rewards.

Our Milestones

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