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Diverse Solutions For Diverse Needs

In a perfect world, your workforce needs would never change; they would remain constant, allowing you to predict and plan for your needs in the future. But we all know that’s not how it works. In reality, demand is constantly changing – and your workforce needs to be able to adapt and adjust based on the cyclical needs of your business. That’s why Preference Employment Solutions offers a variety of staffing options to meet your challenges head-on.

From temporary and part-time staffing services to project-based arrangements, direct hire staffing, and more, trust our workforce solutions to meet the ever-changing demands of the modern workforce.

Our Workforce Solutions

Preference offers a variety of workforce solutions so your organization can remain agile. All you have to do is choose what works best for you. 

There are times when you don’t need full-time staff to meet demand, but you need staff for more than a single project or longer than a temporary period. Part-time staffing is the perfect solution. Hire talented professionals without the costs associated with full-time employment.

Allow us to source and screen full-time candidates for your open roles. Find qualified individuals who don’t just have the experience and background you’re looking for, but the personalities and soft skills, too.

Temporary staffing services – sometimes called contract staffing services – give you the flexibility to hire experienced professionals for both short- and long-term projects. Cover skills gaps and plan for absences like illness, vacation, or family leave. Ramp up for seasonal demand or peak periods, and scale back when you don’t need the extra help.

Have a project that requires specialized skills but aren’t interested in keeping the individual around for a temporary period or bringing them on full-time? Our project-based staffing service could be the perfect solution. Find unique skill sets to complete special projects – get exactly what you need and nothing more, nothing less.

Temp-to-hire staffing means having employees complete a probationary period prior to transitioning them onto your payroll. During the probationary period, the employee is on our payroll – once both parties agree it’s a good fit, you can transfer them onto yours. Use this arrangement to evaluate an employee on the job and avoid the risk of a potential bad hire.

Our direct hire staffing services allow you to streamline and simplify the entire hiring process. We’ll match a qualified candidate with your organization, and you’ll hire them directly onto your payroll. Save time and resources by finding the right person, the first time.

Save yourself the administrative headaches and compliance risks by allowing us to handle all payrolling responsibilities. We offer a comprehensive and flexible set of solutions for you to choose from to cover your payroll needs. Let us take care of paycheck distribution, tax withholdings, workers’ compensation, unemployment claims, and much more.

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