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Need A New Job? Let Me Help With Step One

If you’re in need of a new job, I feel for you. I should also clarify a bit, I’m not necessarily talking about you out there who is without a job and really needs to find something asap. What I’m more referring to is the article I read recently on where the headline read, “More Than Half of U.S. Workers Are Unhappy In Their Jobs”. And I guess the second thing to clarify is the reason I say “I feel for you”, is because I can relate.

It wasn’t long ago (I say not long ago because when you’re pushing 40, six years ago seems like a blink of an eye) when my job situation made a dramatic turn. Our company was sold, promises had been broken, some co-workers I’d grown close to were gone, and I was now required to be out of town more than ever and away from my young family. Let’s just say things became a lot more stressful in my life, and in my mind if the “unhappy in their job group” was looking for a leader, I could’ve easily been nominated for president. Even though I didn’t let it show on the outside.

Now, if what the Forbes article said is true, that means most of you out there may be able to relate to my story. I realize your reasons might be different, but at least what I was feeling inside, was probably quite similar. That feeling is why I want to share the next step you need to take if you haven’t done so already, which is to contact and visit with a career consultant at your local employment agency. Although I’d heard of “headhunters” in the past, I never really knew how the industry operated. Now after working for one for the past four years, I really wish I had contacted one much sooner. I spent at least two years of randomly surfing job boards and reading job descriptions, trying to analyze what was a good opportunity and what wasn’t. The thing is, in my mind I really didn’t have the time to invest in a “proper” job search. You know the steps – first you search all the job boards and help wanted ads you can think of in your spare time. Maybe even make a few phone calls. Then, you update your resume until it’s perfect, and share it with a few places you have convinced yourself is a good opportunity. After that, when you don’t hear anything, you follow up with a phone call because that will definitely show you’re interested and separate yourself from the rest. I can stop there because we all know this process, and somehow most people still believe this is the only way. That’s why you end up staying in your current gig, and feel almost like you’re trapped. It would be impossible to keep doing your job at a high level, while at the same time devoting the time it takes to find a new job. Especially if you really don’t know the opportunity you’re looking for.

To sum up, if any of this relates to you or someone you’re close to, please take what I’ve learned and make the next step of your job search, contacting your local employment agency. You could save yourself years of stress by just reaching out and having that conversation. Employment agencies like ours work with hundreds of companies locally, and where else could you interview for tons of positions all at once? Services are free for job seekers, and if you’re not interested in an opportunity that’s presented, you’re allowed to say no. I can’t guarantee the perfect job will be waiting for you, but I can guarantee an employment agency is the best place to start. Oh ya…on a personal note, if you’re looking in the Fargo area, look no further than Preference Employment Solutions. I had to get that plug in there of course, but I am truly grateful I took a picture of “Todd, the Job Finder” in that bathroom ad at Frank’s about five years ago. That phone call changed my life, and my hope is, that this story can play a part in yours.