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Reach Your Potential

Have you ever asked yourself about your potential? In your professional aspirations and in your personal life?  It can be interesting and productive to consider which of your talents and strengths are being utilized.

Are you doing what you want to do?

Various studies reveal few people realize their full potential in their occupation.  Some make the choice to not bother.  Others never think of it.

Believing your capabilities, passions, and strengths are infinite and making efforts to tap into those gifts offers many benefits:

  • Happiness: Intentionally stretching yourself can release natural chemicals in your brain that spark energy and mental well-being.  Want a dose of dopamine and serotonin?  How about a hit of oxytocin?  Approaching your job with the right mindset may serve up a healthy cocktail.  Plus, it’s free!
  • Growth: Learning new skills, embracing new responsibility, obtaining a certification, and many other versions of stretching yourself result in higher confidence and the sense of accomplishment that comes with professional and personal growth. Challenging work often leads to progress.
  • Options: America’s economy offers a wide variety of occupations.  Compared to previous generations, we enjoy a plethora of ways to make a living.  How can you make a living doing something you enjoy?


Life is short.  Dream.  Be intentional with who and how you spend your time.  Don’t be afraid to identify what you want and then pursue it.  Helping others along the way is a win-win.

Live the life you choose.

Reaching your career and life potential starts with you.  As Earl Nightingale, the author of The Strangest Secret, wrote, “you become what you think about.”  And “pay the price of becoming the person you want to become.  It’s not nearly as difficult as living unsuccessfully.”

At Preference, our purpose is to reach our potential and have fun doing it.  We also enjoy helping others reach their potential.  Why do we do this?  Making a positive impact on people’s lives feels good!

The Preference team’s purpose serves a noble cause.  The more people who make a living doing what they enjoy and challenge themselves to be better results in more happiness on planet Earth.  Our team’s experience, talents, and relationships with businesses in our community benefit people who aspire to reach their potential.  These positive impacts carry over into the companies where they contribute, which in turn strengthens the FM community.  Hat’s off to the Preference team!

What’s your potential?