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Showing Up

Since I started with Preference back in 2013 one thing has been constant year after year – our team always shows up…for each other, our clients & our candidates.  Some days are harder than others and it is often the daily grind that starts to wear on us (I know this can be true in any industry).  The market is challenging right now – maybe the hardest it has ever been in staffing & recruiting. We can easily be consumed with the not so good, the bad, the terrible and the “Can you even believe that?”  There are times when we all want to throw up our hands and wonder why we chose this industry.  However, during the dark days there are the bright moments that remind us why we show up day in and day out.

And often, those bright moments happen when we most need them. When we hear things like the following:


It’s been a great experience for me. Enjoying an opportunity to learn and work in the industry I’m currently in. This helps my already self-driven motivation to push even harder towards the goals I’ve set for myself. Thank you, Preference, for giving me an opportunity!”

“It was an amazing experience, and I am so grateful for the work Rob and Cory did to find me the position. They helped us achieve our goal to move back to Fargo to be with our family. You are the best and truly care about your clients. Thank you!” – Matthew

“Preference Employment Solutions was so welcoming and professional with me. Specially because I just moved from another state far away from Fargo. They help with everything I needed and got me a job quick. I am so comfortable with them. Sabrina is so sweet, and she always texted me to keep me updated with employment. I’m glad I went there.” – Lovely

“Cory and the team at Preference were a life changer for me. A layoff had me and many others looking for work. Despite what I’m sure must have been a flood of applications, Cory always made sure to keep in touch with me and let me know about new opportunities. Not only that, but he was able to place me in a job that exceeded all my expectations!” – Sarah

“Tyler was great for finding a new job. He didn’t pester me, did not guilt me into taking options, he provided results and let me choose what worked best for me.” – Byron

“I highly recommend Preference Employment Solutions. When I interviewed with Tyia, we went over what I was looking for in my employment and through that she was able to place me with an amazing company. Preference takes the time to ensure that you and the company they submit you for will be a perfect match. If you are looking for employment, start here!” – Kaylynn

“Set up a time to sit down with Jordan he took time to get to know me and what I was looking for. We had a great conversation, and he had a few different options for me, found a company that really jived with my values as a person and could give me what I was looking for. Long story short I applied, interviewed, and landed the job, I am about 2 months into my new position and really enjoying it. I have used a few other employment placement services here in Fargo but my interaction with Preference stands out, not just because they helped me land a wonderful job. I felt valued and I got the impression that they really did care about placing me somewhere great (…)” – Adam

“Cory helped me find a position that I am proud of, that will help me grow as a professional and reach my maximum potential.” – Michael


The people & the success stories! This is why we continue to show up for each other, our clients & candidates!