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Go With the Flow: A Glimpse into Temp Life

Temporary (temp) work is a great way to earn cash and maintain a flexible schedule without having to commit to a permanent position. Whether you’re between jobs, looking to pay for a kitchen remodel, or simply want to get out of the house, temping could be a viable option for you. In my case, it provided me with the perfect opportunity to stay busy and earn money in between singing gigs. The more I did it, the more comfortable I became working with different people in new environments, which, coincidentally, was also a skill I developed throughout my career as an opera singer.

Back when I was spending a lot of time in NYC, a friend referred me to First Choice Staffing to find work. So, I went in, met with a consultant, completed some skill assessments (typing, Excel, etc.), and just like that, I was sent out on my first assignment. Over time, I became a valued asset to the agency, and the work I was getting not only helped my bank account, but each new job enabled me to develop skills that I hadn’t used since college, and the experience has helped me as I move on from performing. Upon moving to Fargo, naturally I wanted to establish a relationship with the local temp agency, and thus my time at Preference began. The team sent me out on a number of assignments when I wasn’t traveling.

So, what kind of temp jobs are out there? Well, in my experience, they can run the gamut. I remember once spending two (2) weeks in a conference room with hundreds of boxes, each of which contained thousands of documents that I had to sift through in search of specific forms. Another assignment involved combing through court cases in a computer database for a few weeks. I’ve spent days in file rooms, for which the only required skill was a solid understanding of the alphabet. I got to know one company in NYC very well over the course of several assignments, and as a result I learned their systems well enough for them to plug me in to a vacant spot as an Assistant General Manager for a few months. Here in Fargo, most of my experience has been manning front desks as a receptionist, which meant I’ve gradually become more comfortable answering phones and greeting people.

My best advice to those of you looking to become a successful temporary employee is simply to show up on time (or even a little bit early!). Additionally, go with the flow – be willing to help out the client in whatever ways you can. Lastly – and perhaps this is just good life advice – be yourself and BE KIND.

If you are interested in temping for us, I’d love to connect with you! Please feel free to call, email, text, or stop by at any time to meet with me or one of our consultants. We’d love to learn more about you, and who knows, perhaps before you know it you’ll be sent out on your first assignment!

Photo: Josh in 2017 the morning of a temp assignment