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How Can Ted Lasso Transform Your Workplace?

In honor of the FIFA Women’s World Cup kicking off this week, let’s take a moment to learn and appreciate Ted Lasso’s take on leadership.  The TV show has taken the world by storm, but at the core of the series is a character that inspires, develops, and motivates a team and people to succeed.  The plot of the TV series is when American football coach, Ted Lasso, is hired to coach an English soccer team with NO previous soccer experience or knowledge of the sport. His successes comes through his philosophy on leadership.  Even if you don’t care for soccer or have never seen the show, simply reading the lessons of Ted are enlightening.  How can you implement the philosophy of Ted’s character in your workplace or in your personal life?

I just love this post I found on LinkedIn that shares 12 key leadership lessons brought to you by Ted Lasso. Check it out here:

  1. Believe in yourself
  2. Doing the right thing is never the wrong thing
  3. All people are different people
  4. See good in others
  5. Courage is about being willing to try
  6. Vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness
  7. Tell the truth
  8. Winning is an attitude
  9. Optimists do more
  10. Stay teachable
  11. Be a goldfish
  12. Happiness is a choice


Other key take aways from Ted:

  • Courage is about being willing to try
  • Good ideas come from anywhere – be open!
  • Move forward from mistakes
  • Empowerment breeds confidence
  • Apologize – such a simple thing in theory…so difficult in reality
  • Obstacles can be opportunities
  • Lead with grace under pressure
  • Everyone is worthy of your attention


In the conclusion of this post Marcin Klinsoz shares, “The leadership lessons from Ted Lasso can have a profound impact on your workplace, fostering a more inclusive, supportive, and resilient team culture. By embracing these lessons, you can empower your team to reach their full potential and create an environment where everyone thrives.”

How amazing is that! Let’s all try to be a bit more like Ted!