PEO’s & Mental Health – Let’s Start the Conversation

86% of the nation’s annual health care expenditures are for people with chronic physical and mental health conditions such as depression, heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer. Further research shows that work is the most common stressor for Americans. (PEO Insider) What can we do as a community for our employees to make […]

Showing Up

Since I started with Preference back in 2013 one thing has been constant year after year – our team always shows up…for each other, our clients & our candidates.  Some days are harder than others and it is often the daily grind that starts to wear on us (I know this can be true in […]

Reach Your Potential

Have you ever asked yourself about your potential? In your professional aspirations and in your personal life?  It can be interesting and productive to consider which of your talents and strengths are being utilized. Are you doing what you want to do? Various studies reveal few people realize their full potential in their occupation.  Some […]

Need A New Job? Let Me Help With Step One

If you’re in need of a new job, I feel for you. I should also clarify a bit, I’m not necessarily talking about you out there who is without a job and really needs to find something asap. What I’m more referring to is the article I read recently on where the headline read, […]