Look Beyond the Resume. Be Curious, Not Judgmental!

6-7 seconds! That is how long the average hiring manager reviews a resume. That’s all it takes to make a preliminary decision to talk to or eliminate candidates based on 6-7 seconds of seeing their resume. Let’s think about this for a second or maybe 6 or 7. What if you decided to eliminate someone […]

Where Do I Go From Here?

On some level, we’ve all had conversations with ourselves about how to move up in the world of employment, whether from a position change, a raise, promotion, or career change. When we first are looking to enter the workforce, we are asked, “So you have your diploma, what now?” or “What do you want to […]

A Fresh Perspective on Career Advancement

Most people want to advance in their career or some aspect of their personal life.  What do you aspire to do? Collaborating with a team of successful Staffing Consultants at Preference has provided me with the opportunity to hear many stories of people advancing in their career.  Our Preference team gets excited helping job seekers […]

How Can Ted Lasso Transform Your Workplace?

In honor of the FIFA Women’s World Cup kicking off this week, let’s take a moment to learn and appreciate Ted Lasso’s take on leadership.  The TV show has taken the world by storm, but at the core of the series is a character that inspires, develops, and motivates a team and people to succeed.  […]

Go With the Flow: A Glimpse into Temp Life

Temporary (temp) work is a great way to earn cash and maintain a flexible schedule without having to commit to a permanent position. Whether you’re between jobs, looking to pay for a kitchen remodel, or simply want to get out of the house, temping could be a viable option for you. In my case, it […]

Happy Administrative Professionals Day! Let’s Celebrate!

Administrative Professionals play a crucial role in the smooth functioning of any organization. They manage a wide variety of tasks, from scheduling meetings throughout different divisions to preparing reports and maintaining office supplies. They are the backbone of the workplace, greeting and providing excellent guest service, along with having the ability to be pivotable to […]